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Jan 18, 2021
Begin your tour of Radius at the Banks in downtown Cincinnati here.

Radius at the Banks is a downtown Cincinnati apartment complex. Radius offers what many apartment complexes do not: a perfect combination of urban, upscale living and practical accommodations. Renters can choose from studio, one-, and two-bedroom apartments. Each floor has pet-friendly units, and the building is located in the heart of the riverfront entertainment scene. Hardwood floors, lots of windows, and on-campus facilities for exercise, dining, and recreation, Radius at the Banks has a lot to offer Cincinnatians.

The Cincinnati Bengals stadium within view and walking distance of Radius.

Advanced Online Insights worked with Radius at the Banks to create two primary items: a virtual tour of the complex and a model apartment as well as a custom menu. The virtual tour takes prospective renters on a tour of the complex, starting from the main entrance. Including the main entrance in a tour allows people to mentally connect the location of the apartment complex as well as plan their arrival. It also helps to provide the full experience and clarify how to access the main office, which was included on the tour. 

Radius at the Banks main office. Including images of main offices helps visitors plan their visit.

Of course, we included a full tour of a model apartment. Virtual tours of apartments offer a full list of incredible benefits. Prospective renters can take a look at a tour from the comfort of their home, get a sense for the space and sizing of apartments, determine the interior style, see furniture placement, view appliances, and 'walk' through an apartment to understand the layout and flow. This is always helpful for out of town viewers who cannot come tour an apartment in person or who have limited time when they are available to visit in person. 

View of the Master Bedroom in the model apartment at Radius at the Banks.

It's also helpful to eliminate renters who would not be a good fit before they come and use up staff time on a tour or calling with questions. In a year where foot traffic might be limited or restricted, like we experienced in 2020, virtual tours can quickly and easily serve virtual meetings and visitors.

The tour through the kitchen allows viewers to experience the layout without stepping foot inside.

The tour also showcased the important amenities that Radius at the Banks uses to stand out against competitors. The benefit of working with Advanced Online Insights is that we are, at heart, professional photographers. This means we will go out of our way to make sure the imagery is as close to perfect as we can get it. Often, we'll reschedule tours if the weather is bad. We give our customers plenty of advanced notice and checklists to make sure the property is looking as presentable as possible on the day of the tour.

Blue skies and great landscaping, as seen here at the pool, are part of creating an amazing virtual tour.

Finally, all of the images that were part of Radius at the Bank's virtual tour are uploaded to their Google My Business page and provided to the company as individual files. Advanced Online Insights includes this with every tour, as we know the power of incredible photography. Our customers can use the images we've provided for their tour for all marketing materials. We do not restrict use, and the images become theirs once the tour is complete. We simply ask to be able to include the images in our own portfolio so we can showcase great examples like this one to other customers.

The fitness center is another destination on the apartment complex virtual tour.

When we add the high-quality imagery to their Google Business Listing, it does several powerful things for our customer. Those images become publicly associated with the name of the company, which means when a customer is searching for Radius at the Banks, these high-quality images will appear. In addition, the imagery is tagged with keywords, meaning it powers the SEO of the business. This is particularly important for crowded markets like apartments and real estate which are competing for renters.

Adding a Custom Menu to an Apartment Tour

One item that made Radius at the Banks tour an even better experience for their company is the decision to add a custom menu. Virtual tours on their own are incredibly helpful for a visitor and offer extremely powerful marketing and SEO functions for the business. To take the experience to the next level, Radius added a custom tour. This means the visitor can actually navigate the tour in any order they want by simply clicking on menu buttons for specific destinations, as you can see on the left-hand side of the images.

Users can quickly and easily navigate to the Lounge by clicking on the custom menu.

In a typical virtual tour, users can follow the arrows to navigate wherever they choose throughout the complex. With a custom menu for the tour, users can go to specific destinations without moving in sequential order. This means that a user can jump around, revisit specific locations, or simply choose the areas of the tour that have the most importance to them. In addition, the links make it easy to share specific parts of the tour on social media pages, through email, or even via text if a prospective renter has a question about an area of the building.

A close look at the Radius at the Banks custom menu.

Apartment complexes are some of the most frequent customers of the power of virtual tours, and we're proud to serve real estate businesses across the country in creating great virtual tours! Many of our customers see increased website traffic, more inquiries for units, and enhanced online visibility after they've worked with Advanced Online Insights for a tour of their apartment complex. We're ready to help you today! Contact Rusty Allison at for more information about your apartment's virtual tour.

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