How To Post A 360° Photo On Facebook

Jun 30, 2020

Posting a 360° photo on Facebook is a unique way to transport customers into your business or encourage interaction with your products and services. Advanced Online Insights sends our clients dozens, sometimes hundreds, of 360° photos with every completed Google Virtual Tour. These 360° photos are a special type of high-quality, professional photography and, until now, mainstream platforms were not designed to support them. Now, with this update from Facebook, you can share 360° photos with your customers and larger market! This special type of post also allows you to center the starting view on the most relevant part of the 360° photo you are sharing and leaves a more lasting impression.

Follow the written instructions or watch the instructional video to learn how to post a 360° photo on Facebook.

1. Open Facebook and choose Create Post.
2. Select the Photo/Video option.
3. Select a 360° photo and press Open.
4. Once the photo has fully loaded, click Edit 360° Settings, and choose the desired starting view.
5. Write a caption for your post and click Post to publish your 360° image.

For more information about posting 360° photos check out the official documentation on the Facebook 360 Photos website or reach out to us directly at We are happy to help answer any of your questions.

If we previously captured a virtual tour of your business we would be happy to send you all of the 360° photos we used to create the tour. Simply reach out to us at and we will send you a gallery of all of your 360° photos.

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