A Year With Advanced Online Insights

Jan 12, 2021

Advanced Online Insights traveled 16,371 miles in 2020--that's nearly 66% around the world!

When it comes to offering great service, Advanced Online Insights knows no boundaries--literally. One of the aspects of our business that we love the most is the ability to travel across the country to take amazing photos for our Street View On Demand customers. Our equipment and our team are built for the road, so it makes sense that we log thousands of miles each year as we capture Street View photography.

Our team explored 326 new places in 2020. Was your business one of them?

Google offers the great gift of data. At the end of the year, Advanced Online Insights receives a breakdown of where we've been, the miles we've driven, and the places we've visited the most. It's a powerful summary of the distanced we've covered over the year. 

Our Street View on Demand works best on streets, but it can be adapted for innovative uses, like walking trails and paths in nature centers, parks, and pedestrian-only areas.

As we look to the year ahead, it's fun to challenge ourselves to reach beyond our previous year's milestones. One way we're making this easier for clients is giving advance notice when Advanced Online Insights will be working in a city near you. In the coming months, we will roll out a city booking page that will allow businesses in specific destinations to schedule their Street View on Demand services while one of our team members is in town. We can't wait to make it even easier to get your business, property, and streets updated! 

Have camera, will travel! Stay tuned for more information about when Advanced Online Insights will be in a city near you.

Finally, this is the perfect opportunity to extend a note of gratitude for the people who make all of this possible: our customers! In a year that was challenging on many fronts and personal contact was limited, we could not thank our customers enough for welcoming us (safely, of course) to their businesses. 

When will we see you in 2021? Let's get it booked today! 

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