Google's Year In Search 2020

Dec 14, 2020


Google's Year in Search 2020 video captures the most-searched topics of the year.

Revealing Our Character Through Search

If there's anything that Google's Year in Search 2020 tells us, it's that we're curious people--and this was especially true over the past 12 months.

Each year, Google releases a Year in Search video that captures the most-searched topics. In 2020, we asked a lot of questions and performed a lot of searches, but the thing we wanted to know most was "Why?"

In a year of challenges across the globe--wildfires, the coronavirus, elections--search data from more than 70 countries revealed that we are always looking to better understand the world around us. 

Google's own reflection is a poignant celebration of curiosity:

"Even while so many of us stayed home, we looked for ways to connect, support and understand each other. We asked, “why are people clapping?” and “why is empathy important?” And for the first time, people all over the world searched for Black Lives Matter—increasing five-fold compared to the previous year." -- The Keyword

Watch the 2020 Year in Search video here, and explore other trending topics across the globe and closer to home with Google's trend tracker.

Advanced Online Insights is proud to be a certified Google partner and support the company that helps us nurture our curiosity and expand our world through technology. 

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