Watch Santa Travel to Your Home!

Dec 24, 2020

Google is in the business of providing power through information, and that doesn't stop on Christmas! Throughout the day today, use Google's Santa Tracker software to watch as Santa Claus makes his way to homes across the globe. Check out Santa's progress here! 

Santa makes his way across the world on Christmas Day 2020.

Holiday Fun for the Whole Family

Take a trip to Santa's Village with the family.

In addition to tracking Santa, Google makes it easy to celebrate the season with activities for kids of all ages. From videos and online games to fun characters and quizzes, Google has something for everyone. 

Have fun with games and activities on Google's Santa Tracker site.

Learn holiday traditions around the world.

Based on your location, you can also get real-time updates about when Santa is going to arrive at your home and an estimate about how many presents he's delivered so far this year.

All in all, Google provides an amazing resource for families to have fun together and celebrate the season. Happy Tracking!

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