Virtual Tours for Businesses with Multiple Locations

Sep 4, 2020

Advanced Online Insights Offers Consistent, Efficient Services for Multi-Location Virtual Tours

Advanced Online Insights has had the opportunity to work with many businesses with multiple locations, and it’s one of the areas in which our team’s experience and expertise really stands out. Since 2012, we’ve worked with several clients with 100+ locations--and we’ve created beautiful virtual tours for each one! We treat every corporate client with the same attention and focus as our single-location small businesses: with care, quality, and delivering a product with exceptional value.

When it comes to large corporations with multiple locations, consistency is essential. What often occurs is that larger agencies will delegate the work to local photographers with their own unique styles, definition of “high quality” and lack of awareness of the overall vision of the tour. Our team is able to bring our experience and added value to your business. As our business has grown, we’ve established excellent procedures and systems to make the project efficient, productive, and easy to manage--including a custom website page to track our team’s progress in real time!

How to Prepare for a Multi-Location Virtual Tour

When you book your multi-location virtual tour with us, we provide detailed instructions on how to prepare for and stage your tours, including the following items.
  • Tentative shooting schedule, which accounts for our travel time between locations.
  • Mapped logistics of every destination, including the time we know it takes to complete a single shoot, and the
  • The set-up and wrap-up time to account for with every shoot
With Advanced Online Insights, planning for a multi-location virtual tour is simple. Our clients provide a list of locations in include in our plans, and we take care of the rest. We recognize that our clients are busy running their operations. We offer a turnkey solution to remove the burden of planning the tours from clients’ task list and manage the whole process from start to finish.

Cost Savings and Full Budget Transparency

We recently performed a cost analysis of corporations with 100+ locations who previously used a national Google Photography agency in the past for their tours. Our findings showed that our Google Virtual Tour prices were, on average, lower than that of the national agency. We also found that the overall cost of the entire 100+ location project was drastically less and the quality of our work was much higher and more consistent due to the fact that we use our own team--we never subcontract the work to other agencies or photographers.

Our pricing structure is very clear and remains predictable from project to project, so when we provide a quote to you, we’re using real numbers. Any variables in the final billing amount are communicated to you in advance, like compensation for travel and reimbursements for overnight stays and mileage. In addition, there are other savings that are more challenging to quantify but arguably more important--including time savings on tasks we eliminate or make more efficient, such as filing paperwork for individual photographers, communicating with multiple points of contact, and more. 

Click the image or this link to view our portfolio of Google Virtual Tours

High-Quality, Consistently Beautiful Photography

Advanced Online Insights has photographed and created thousands of virtual tours since Joseph Danzer started the business in 2012. In that time, we’ve perfected our approach to shooting virtual tours. We personally shoot all of the locations, and we take care of the planning and correspondence involved with every shoot because we know exactly what needs to happen to result in a great photography session. The result is beautiful photography that is ideal for amazing, traffic-generating virtual tours for every location.

One-Stop Logistics

Due to the fact that Advanced Online Insights handles all of the communication, our one-point-of-contact approach saves dozens, often hundreds, of hours in planning and emailing. We coordinate our own team and work with yours to ensure each location has the right information, understands the process, and will have the right people in place at the right time. On one of our recent projects for a multi-location business with 108 locations, we completed the project three months ahead of schedule and are on track to produce 20 more virtual tours in 2021.

Designing Beautiful Virtual Tours for Businesses with Multiple Locations

In the coming months, our team will be traveling across the country to build stunning virtual tours for businesses and corporations with multiple locations. If your company operates across state lines, or has several locations within your state, Advanced Online Insights can help! Our team will create high-quality, consistent virtual tours that will ensure your locations look cohesive, connected and ready for business.
For more information about multi-location virtual tours or corporate virtual tours, please contact We look forward to working with you!

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