Case Study: Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Jul 21, 2020

Click the image to take a virtual tour of CVG International Airport
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) spans more than 7,000 acres of property in Boone County, KY. Prior to the corona-virus pandemic, CVG was experiencing a much-needed phase of growth and innovation. As they continued to explore new ways to embrace technology as a way to enhance their operations, the airport turned to Advanced Online Insights to help. Our team created Google Virtual Tours to offer travelers more information about the various terminals and concourses throughout the airport.

CVG originally partnered with Advanced Online Insights to create a Google Virtual Tour of the concourses and terminals. Travelers can tour the airport and plan visits from the comfort of their home, creating more efficient travelers and more informed visitors.

Click the image to take a virtual tour of the food court at CVG International Airport

When coronavirus rocked the nation, many aspects of CVG's daily operations were halted--but not all of them. Although passenger travel and related aspects of the flying experience were limited, CVG had several projects that were moving forward on predetermined timeframes. Several projects required input from third-party vendors and companies who were bidding on the projects through CVG's public Requests for Proposals (RFPs). These projects typically involved third-party companies flying to the airport to investigate and explore the project materials or physical spaces in person. Under coronavirus restrictions, this was simply not safe or feasible. Instead, CVG got creative and came back to Advanced Online Insights for an innovative solution to its RFP dilemma.

Rather than host the teams in person, CVG decided to provide the companies with access to a virtual tour of the facilities and spaces that were of concern for the projects at hand. Through a virtual tour, CVG was able to offer 24/7 access to restricted areas of the airport that vendors could visit as often as needed to gather relevant information for their proposals. Rather than usher multiple groups of 10-12 individuals throughout the airport, all teams were provided access to the virtual tour. Not only did this protect employees at CVG and its vendor companies, it eliminated hundreds of working hours spent providing tours to visiting companies, managing subsequent questions and requests for photos, and further documentation of the systems under review.

Click the image to take a virtual tour of CVG International Airport

Ultimately, CVG used Advanced Online Insights technology for three distinct purposes. The first, as mentioned, was the Google Virtual Tour throughout the public areas, including the terminals and concourses. Second, CVG used that existing Google Virtual Tour to provide vendors access to information, visuals, and details regarding its Flight Information Display project. Vendors needed to see all of the screens that display flight information to staff, employees, and travelers. For a third project, CVG called on Advanced Online Insights to create a new virtual tour of the physical space, machinery, and details of the baggage transport system, a massive system that included many underground and limited-access areas. 

The impact of these tours was immediate. CVG received double the amount of RFPs typically received while significantly reducing costs and protecting employees' health and safety. CVG eliminated the need to pay for flights and related expenses concerning bidding companies' travel into Cincinnati, and it also nearly eliminated the additional employee hours required for hosting tours and answering questions about the physical space. Under normal operations, employees would often need to supply additional photographs and documentation of the building, its systems, different viewpoints of machinery, and more. With Advanced Online Insights tours, this need was fully eliminated. 

In addition to the time and money savings offered to CVG, the airport now has thousands of photos available to use as historical documentation of its systems and physical spaces, which will be of use for years to come. 

Services Provided

  • Google Virtual Tour: Concourses & Terminals
  • Google Virtual Tour: Flight Information Displays
  • Custom Private Virtual Tour: Baggage System

Business Benefits and Impact

  • Time Savings: Advanced Online Insights saved CVG employees of hundreds of hours of work providing in person tours of the facilities.
  • Cost Savings: Our services saved CVG tens of thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for vendors to travel to CVG to tour the facilities.
  • Historical Documentation: Thousands of 360° photos document the current systems within CVG.
  • Unlimited Access: CVG offers visitors, companies, and vendors 24/7 access to its facilities for planning purposes

In the end, CVG was incredibly pleased with their experience. Kevin Watts, senior manager of contract services at CVG, noted that Advanced Online Insights "knew exactly what I was looking for, and all of the photos and tours were exactly what we needed. We were able to capture even things like control panels, and with the high quality of the images, vendors could zoom in to see details of the systems that we would otherwise need to re-photograph or recreate in some other way."

"Everything was done before the original deadline, and any requested changes were made within a couple of hours. It was great."

The benefits of the virtual tours and photographs doesn't escape Watts.

"Now we have these images that I can refer to, our team can use, and we can implement for RFPs and for internal training around our systems. There's a good flow of our daily walkthroughs, and the imagery gives us a historical record of what things look like at the moment the photos were taken, which will be incredibly helpful down the road."

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