2017 A Year in Review

Wow What A Year! News and Notes from 2017

Usually when I sit down to write this post each year I think back to some memorable virtual tours that I shot over the past year and some great workshops that we hosted. This year was special though. Not only did we shoot some amazing tours we started a new software company and began several new services that have made a big difference in helping local companies get found online.

2017 By The Numbers

This was a record breaking year for Joseph Danzer Photography. To date, I have personally added over 23,500 photos to Google Search and Maps and they have been viewed over 48,000,000 times.

  • Uploaded Over 228 Terabytes of imagery to Google
  • Added Over 23,500 Images to Google Maps
  • Over 48,000,000 Photo Views
  • Traveled  Over 35,000 Miles
  • Visited 13 States and a trip to Tokyo, Japan

Virtual Tour 2017 Travel Map

Reached Master Photographer Level In The Google Local Guides Program

Photo View Counts For Virtual Tours and Google My Business Galleries More Than Doubled In 2017

Google Street View for Business Virtual Tours saw a huge upswing in 2017. Google made some major changes to the Google My Business program and the way that the local business listings displayed in Google Mobile Search and Google Maps. These changes resulted in a steep increase in the visibility of the virtual tours and the view counts more than doubled in 2017.

Notable Google Street View for Business Virtual Tours

Click any of the links below to take a virtual tour of some of our favorite tours in 2017.

In 2017 I Started A New Software Company. I'm Very Proud to Present, Advanced Online Insights

The Advanced Online Insights Analytics Tool was soft launched in May of 2017 and received its first major update in December 2017. The analytics software gives a business owner or marketing agency the ability to see insights into local search that no other software on the market provides. Here is a list of our most notable features.

New Advanced Online Insights Features

  • Instant Access to 18 Months of Local Search Data
  • Keyword Reporting Based on Search Performance
  • Direct & Discovery Daily Value Reports

In the example above we see a business who signed up in June to have their local search listings managed by an Advanced Online Insights Agency Partner. The Marketing Agency Partner received in depth training and tools to provide their client with enhancements to their online presence. This resulted in their client's business showing up in 4x's more search results than they did previously online.

A New Place to Meet in 2018

My favorite addition of 2017 has been my new office space. I now have a comfortable environment to host meetings, Advanced Online Insights training sessions, and Google My Business workshops. I moved in December and I am still getting all of my technology set up and ready to go. I will have images and, of course, a virtual tour online soon. 

We are kicking 2018 off with multiple Advanced Online Insights Trainings and Google My Business Workshops. Keep an eye out for our online registration page to go live.

Big Changes to the Google My Business Program

The Google My Business Program underwent some big changes starting in April of 2017. As a Google City Ambassador these changes nearly melted my email inbox since so many business owners rely on me as their primary source of information regarding their online local search presence. The changes were all highly positive and give business owners a direct way to enhance how they show up in local search results on Google. Check out some of the new features and sign up for one of our workshops to learn more about how to take advantage of them.
  • Google Posts
  • Messaging
  • Enhanced Photo Submission
  • Appointment Booking
  • New Insights Analytics Categories
  • Attribution for Accessibility, Amenities, and Offerings

What's Coming in 2018?

I've been excited to share my plans for 2018 with all of you. My main focus continues to be my virtual tour photography and responsibilities as a Google City Ambassador educating business owner's about the free programs available through Google to enhance their online presence. On top of these duties, I am continuing to add features to the Advanced Online Insights software, and teach marketing agencies how to help their clients succeed in online search results. If all of this wasn't enough, I would like to announce our next big service offering starting in Q2 or early Q3 of 2018....

Google Street View Imagery Acquisition for Google Maps.

It is my goal to outfit the world's first Google Street View Vespa to allow Street View Image collection in places that a Google Car has never been before. I attended the Google Street View World Summit in May 2017, in Tokyo, Japan and was given access to be part of the Google Trusted Street View Photography program set to kick off in Q2 or Q3 of 2018. More details to follow...

In Conclusion...

2017 was a great year and kept me busier than I have ever been in my entire life. I love my job so I had a blast but I plan on taking on a few less projects this year than last. This does not mean that I will be slowing down with new projects and feature updates to our new software. It simply means that I have become much smarter with my time management and project workflows. I'd be happy to share with all of you what I have learned from this past year in regards to starting a new software business and building workflows and processes that allow me to do the job of at least 3 people. Reach out anytime and I'd love to schedule a time to learn about you and your business and see how I can help you succeed in 2018!

Your friendly neighborhood Google Photographer,
-Joe Danzer

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